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I have lived in Paris since I was 18, I love this city because I am always amazed by its beauty, its architectural richness, the neighbourhoods which are so different and yet all so « Parisian ». It suits me by its cultural diversity. I could not live in another town. I still discover the secrets of this city. One life is not enough to discover all its treasures.

I have worked in different jobs and fields with customers, and have always tried to be attentive.
I often travelled alone with my backpack in Asia, the middle East and in Central America. I learned a lot about the other cultures and today I would like to give foreign visitors the chance to get to know French culture a little, and give them a new
vision of the country. Sharing our experiences is the most important thing when we travel.

Today I want to give more fun around me, save time and get to the point. What may you say about me except that you will remember my laugh?

If you want to meet my good mood and energy, I invite you to contact me  by email marienoellejomat[at]

My aim is:

  1. Share with you my passion for Paris, my city. My service is and remains private for your pleasure.
  2. Propose several walks and places, all different and reflecting the varied atmospheres of Paris, to let yourself be guided to better admire the city of Paris.
  3. Gain your trust, make you feel joy and astonishment with unique walks in Paris accompanied by your private city coach.

I promiss you:

To be my only guests throughout the day, so we do the walks at your own pace without rushing.

  1. You can do shopping if you like along the way like real Parisians.
  2. Some quiet moments but no time wasted, I am available for you and your comfort.
  3. If you are tired, you will be able to have a coffee, a tea, taste a pastry, the only thing I impose on you is our path
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