Marie Knows Paris- Flea Market discoveries


Meribeth USA Houston

I was lucky to have Marie-Noelle to myself on a weekday tour in January and enjoyed the experience very much. Exactly as described, we explored passageways, churches, gardens, lovely quiet courtyards, and must-see locations. She communicated historical facts very well, I especially appreciated her use of photos and resource materials. I learned a lot and had fun with this local Parisian, we even did a little shopping together at the end of the tour!

Ana USA New Jersey

Marie was delightful, and very informative; she was a great guide throughout all the markets. She showed us how to negotiate purchases. We highly recommend her for any of her tours.

Amanda USA Illinois

What a lovely tour! I stayed in The Marais during my visit to Paris and signed up for this tour on the day I landed to get a sense of my neighborhood. Even if you aren’t staying in the Marais – I would recommend this tour – it’s a lovely part of the city with a great guide!

Laurent France Bretagne

Découverte très intéressante. Marie Noëlle connaît chaque recoin des puces, et fait découvrir des richesses insoupçonnées.

Hallie USA California

We walked the entire flea market and marked where we wanted to go once the tour was over and that is what I would recommend because there is too much to see. I would also recommend telling Marie if you are looking for anything specific so she can help you find it.

Thierry et Françoise Belgique

Merci à Marie pour cet agréable moment qui nous a permis de découvrir le quartier du Marais d’un autre manière. Et en plus le soleil était au rendez-vous


Katleen Canada

We had a lovely afternoon with Marie-Noelle. She safely and expertly guided us through the seedy bits of St Ouen to get to the sprawling Marches aux Puces. We would never have been able to navigate them without her. She got to know our preferences and tried to cater the tour to our foci. I would highly recommend going.

Janice USA Maryland

Marie hosts a tour full of history and interesting stories. She communicates well in English and is flexible in adjusting the walking tour to your preferences and interest. Highly recommend her as a guide.

Claudine Luxembourg

On a adoré de faire le tour avec Marie. Elle nous a montré des coins du Marais qu’on ne connaissait pas et elle a raconté beaucoup d’histoires intéressantes. A recommander

Irina Ohio USA

Beautiful neighborhood with a lovely host. I was the only one who signed up, but she didn’t cancel and showed me a great time. She’s friendly and knowledgeable about the area. There are many hidden gardens and passage you would not venture into if it weren’t for this tour. She also knows much about the history and even had a folder with things to show me. Wonderful tour. Wonderful area. And a wonderful host.

Christy USA Virginia

Great experience would never found all the places we visited in a million years!

Talylor USA California

This was the first of two tours I joined with Marie and she is a gem! A natural guide who knows the beautiful stories behind every corner and passageway of Le Marais, she tells a story quite wonderfully, with photos to boot! She is extremely patient, punctual and gentle. Like touring a charming neighborhood with your favorite auntie who knows all the secrets. My favorite was the story of Victor Hugo… don’t miss it! Merci beaucoup, Marie !”

Marie France Bourgogne

Très belle balade dans les méandres des marchés aux Puces. Marie sait très bien nous guider et nous donner les explications intéressantes sur cet univers et sait nous faire découvrir des coins insolites. Les marchés visités sont variés et nous traversons diverses époques ce qui m’a beaucoup plu. Promenade soutenue mais tellement sympa ! Merci à Marie qui est à l’écoute avec le sourire. Je recommande chaudement cette visite insolite.

Anne et Pascal France Berry

Ballade très intéressante,nous nous sommes laissés guidés vers les plus beaux endroits du marché aux puces. Il y en a pour tout les styles,des années 40,50,60,70,80; la belle époque ect….Guide formidable et très avenante. N hésitez pas,courez-y, vous ne serez qu’enchanté de cette ballade guidée. MERCI .

Ruth Sidney Australia

My friends and I had a great morning out with Marie, we had no idea what to expect and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Marie gave us an overview of the Flea markets and its history and then walked us through all of the various areas showing us around. Marie was very informative and helpful with finding something that I particularly wanted. I would highly recommend this tour.

Kristin USA Louisiane 

This was a wonderful tour and such a fun way to start off our trip. She knew the area Flea Market like the back of her hand. We saw the most beautiful and eclectic authentic French pieces and got some great photos. Our favorite part was the mid-tour cafe stop where we downed some espressos and asked her some of our culture/getting around questions.  We did very typical tourist things the rest of our trip so I’m glad we did this not-so-typical tourist thing. Thanks for everything, Marie!

Isabella Suisse

C’est le 2ème tour que je réserve avec Marie-Noëlle (j’avais visité le Marais en sa compagnie) et je réitère mon avis positif. Marie est passionnée par sa ville et connait beaucoup de petites histoires à raconter. On découvre le Sentier, ses différents quartiers et ses ambiances avec beaucoup de plaisir. Je recommande!

Ruslan USA Oregon 

We were really excited to do this tour of Paris and definitely were not disappointed! It was very friendly and informative! Marie is amazing she explained all the history is a simple but informative level. We loved every bit of it! We would recommend comfortable shoes and water since there’s lots of walking!

Aleena USA

This tour was amazing! Marie was very knowledgeable about Le Marais and its landmarks. My family and I went and learned a lot about the history and culture of not only the bigger landmarks, but also places that the locals frequent. She also provided us with great recommendations and was very amicable and humorous. Through her guidance, we were able to see sites that we would have never seen if we had gone on our own. I highly recommend this tour!

Paul USA Dillon Beach

Marie pours her heart into her tour and is very enjoyable to spend time with. I experienced a side of Paris that I would never have seen and the tour enriched my experience of Paris.

Lindsay Washington

Marie guided me to beautiful and peaceful places sharing interesting history with a flair for unique detail. A very enjoyable walk!

Audley USA Florida

Marie was a fantastic hostess. She gave precise instructions on meeting her for the tour and was on time and punctual. From there on the tour was at our discretion and our pace. She took time to answers questions, and was able to explain historical facts and events that influenced the neighborhood, inhabitants, and the significant role La Marais in Parisian life and French culture. Her tours  can  be personalized to ones preferences. I would highly recommend her tour of Le Marais wether it your first visit to Paris or if you have been here before.

Isabella Suisse

Ma visite du Marias avec Marie a été parfaite. J’ai aimé découvrir les petites ruelles cachées et les cours intérieures des hôtels particuliers. Je n’aurais probablement pas trouvé par moi-même la plupart de ces endroits et se laisser porter par Marie  fut très agréable. Nous avons couvert tout ce que j’avais lu et voulu voir lors de cette balade. Après la promenade, j’ai pu explorer plus en détail des endroits visités tout au long du parcours. Merci pour cette belle matinée!

Pim Netherland

Very nice to stroll through other parts of the city than the usual suspects of the tourist highlights.

Jennifer USA Washington

I recommend this tour when you first get to Marais- especially if you are staying in Marais. I went on the tour on my last day and if I had gone earlier, I would have gone back and visited some of the gardens for a picnic lunch or just to read. Marie is very kind and enthusiastic.

Karen USA Florida

What a wonderful tour this was! If you love secret gardens, Beautiful and massive Wrought iron gates and fences, exquisite Paris architecture, and the history and interesting stories behind all the private court yards off the beaten track, this is your tour! This tour shows you seen that you simply cannot see walking down the street! Marie knows so much of Paris Having lived here her entire life. Next time I visit Paris Marie will be the first one I call!

Lindsay USA Chicago

Marie guided me to beautiful and peaceful places sharing interesting history with a flair for unique detail. A very enjoyable walk!

Sonia Italia 

La mattina del 4 luglio 2018 ho partecipato alla visita “see another side of Paris” con Marie. Lei è molto simpatica, preparata e gentile. Il percorso è molto interessante, curioso e divertente. E’ stata un’esperienza molto positiva che ripeterò sicuramente quando tornerò a Parigi. Grazie Marie. ”

Nathalie  Quebec Canada

J’ai adoré cette visite le Marais  qui ne fût pas seulement étonnante, mais époustouflante! Marie est une guide généreuse. Elle connaît bien Paris et nous donne l’occasion de sentir sa passion pour sa ville et son histoire. Je conseillerai ce tour, mais surtout Marie comme guide qui fait aussi des tours personnalisés. Aucune autre visite à Paris ne se fera sans les excellents services de Marie. Marie, plus qui ne guide, une femme exceptionnelles. Au plaisir ”

Cory Lincoln USA

Marie was a great host. Cheerful and patient with our neverending questions and pictures. She has knowledge of seemingly every back alley, garden and mansion in the area and had us walking the same paths and viewing the same gardens as if we had lived in the area for years. A great tour.

Adam Portland USA

What a lovely tour in the Marais! Marie built a theme and showed us parts of Paris we would never have been able to discover on our own. Simply charming. She also kept reminding us of where we were so we could find our way back later and explore some more. Our whole family said the tour was great. Marie also has a lively wit and a fun sense of humor. Highly recommend!”

Stéphanie Biarritz France

Balade insolite. C est un endroit dans Paris qu il faut faire absolument ! On ne peut pas passer à à côté d un endroit pareil! Et Marie  connait tous les recoins et les endroits charmants que l’on ne pense pas trouver. C est un retour vers le passé car les Puces de st Ouen présentent des objets que l on avaient oubliés… bravo! C est la meilleure activité  lorsque l’on aime chiner!!!

Jacqui London

Wow! We loved this tour in the Sentier… we really saw a different side of Paris… where the interesting things are happening behind the scenes. We went to the undiscovered passages not just the established ones you might read about in time out  Our tour guide was really passionate about the ‘real life’ Paris culture of 2018… and we could draw parallels to what’s happening in London. After the tour we went back to passage of panoramas for an incredible meal. Loved it, loved it, loved it

Laima Lettonia

Marie improved our short visit in Paris. This was a magical afternoon. She showed us hidden gems what we wouldn’t found ourselves. Thank you so much this experience!

Alvin UK

This is exactly the kind of tour I would recommend to any visitor to Paris, even to locals! Marie is a friendly and knowledgeable guide. There are some hidden gems on this tour, it’s the beauty of Paris, she just keeps on giving and locals like Marie-Noëlle can show you the way whilst bringing the city to life!

Tara USA

Marie patiently waited while we were a little bit late! We saw really cool back streets, these were beautiful streets, behind and between buildings, covered with glass & other coverings, high above the buildings. We would have never discovered these on our own. Many, many eclectic shops, restaurants and sneak peaks into other people’s courtyards that you would not realize were there.  BRING COMFORTABLE shoes and water.  It also helped because we are vegetarian/vegan and we finally found some places to eat! Merci Marie!

Anne Bordeaux France 

Je ne connaissais pas du tout le quartier des puces de Saint Ouen et en un peu plus de deux heures Marie  vous fait aimer les puces ! Elle commence par vous vous expliquer efficacement tout en étant rapide l’histoire du quartier, les différents marchés et leurs spécificités et la ballade peut commencer! Sans elle je n’aurais jamais dénicher aussi rapidement les endroits les plus insolites et charmants de ces puces ! Son enthousiasme est très communicatif et grâce à elle maintenant je sais que retournerai aux puces toute seule tout en sachant que je n’aurai jamais sa facilité d’orientation dans les allées ! Marie  est très dynamique, curieuse, et surtout c’est un guide qui n’est jamais ennuyeuse mais disponible et tellement joyeuse ! Marie  donne vraiment envie de faire d’autres visites de quartiers de Paris avec elle, alors le Marais pourrait être ma nouvelle destination, je suis sûre qu’elle va m’étonner encore !

Lili  Malaysia

Nice walk with Marie, I discovered the village of Belleville and I keep an excellent memory of Père Lachaise, this cimetery is incredible and it is better to get a tourist coach with us, we saw the main graves in a short time. I recommend Marie Knows Paris and she is a real Parisian.

Violeta Rodriguez Mexico

Para conocer realmente un lugar no hay como hacerlo con alguien local, Marie conoce Paris como la palma de su mano, disfrute mucho mis recorridos con ella, es alguien muy agradable y simpática además habla un poco de español, me hizo descubrir un Paris distinto a mi primer visita, algo como lo que deseaba un viaje más profundo a un lugar que amo, à refaire avec Marie! 

Karin Borgholzhausen

Marie führte  uns durch das Viertel « le Sentier », ein Viertel zwischen modern und alt. Es ergab eine besondere Atmosphäre, und war sehr  interessant. Zudem war Marie sehr sympathisch. Ich kann diesen Spaziergang empfehlen.

Matthew Chicago

We chose the flea market walk with MKP. Marie was very attentive with my children. She is funny and without haste we enjoyed this tour of this huge market. she knows this place very well and knows how to show us the best. I did shopping, she helped me to bargain from English to French. Thank a lot Marie!

Ann Edison

Marie was on time when she picked us up at our hotel, she gave us good advice about the safety of our bags. We discovered the Flea market with her, great walk, we had lunch on the spot. I bought a nice jewelry, I immediately saw her smile, she is a good city coach in this fantastic place.

Mustafa Abu dabhi

I never have time, Marie knew how to answer my request, she showed me the Marais with heart and authenticity.

Charlotte Bayonne France

Je voulais découvrir le vrai Paris et non pas les sites touristiques traditionnels …et bien je n’ai pas été déçue.  La ballade le Sentier, on découvre pleins de passages, de rues où se mêlent boutiques de vêtements, rouleaux de tissus colorés, bureaux de start up…le tout dans une ambiance chaleureuse et « petit village français ». Ce qui est assez extraordinaire en plein coeur de Paris! Jamais je n’aurais pu imaginer que Paris recelait tant de petites merveilles! Je vous recommande sincèrement cette visite, aussi bien pour les touristes que pour les parisiens. Quant a Marie  un vrai bonheur. Vous ferez le plein de bonne humeur et d’explications ! Et surtout le gros plus selon moi, c’est qu’elle a su s’adapter a mon rythme et a mes attentes.”

Rehana Los Angeles

It was a wonderful outing of a part of Paris that I did not know. I am glad that I did it with a very good guide which made the visit more interesting.I will definitely go back to the sentier area again. Thank you for the great visit.

Anja Berlin

Marie is a very very nice, funny and well knowing guide about Paris streets. It was a very nice and interesting tour about fashion and fabrique. When you want to get to know the nice shopping galleries and accient first malls you have to make this Tour. You will get to know the real parisian life.Thank you very much . we loved it! ( and our 9 month old son loved it, too)

Dhanushka Singapore

Let me first start by saying how wonderful Marie was. She was extremely punctual, very energetic and fun to be around (very likable I must say) . A whole lot of energy. I guess it’s what about being a true Parisian. Secondly, she was extremely knowledgeable. She took us through many hidden passages in the Sentier area of Paris. Many cultural spots with great history which are hidden from the busy streets.

Zarina Moscow

Thanks Marie for the wonderful excursion! I was done with soul, love and her experience! I met places that I can’t imagine in Marais. If you you would like to discover not touristic places definitely advice it!

Danielle New York 

Thanks for such an amazing experience! Nothing like getting to be in the streets with a local! I am SO glad we did this tour, the guide is knowledgeable with a great personality – I appreciate how very kind she was to me as I had my 1 year old son along. Marie-Noelle showed us restaurants that we went back to in the evening for dinner, and would never have known without seeing hidden streets of Le marais!

Céline France

Marie vous accueille chaleureusement. Nous parcourons des petits coins de Paris vraiment typiques et que l’on n’oserait pas faire seul (e). Je recommande

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