Why choose Marie Knows Paris?

Marie Knows Paris - Discovery walks - Paris Sentier, Building with green facade

As the secrets of Paris cannot be discovered by car, Marie Knows Paris allows individuals, couples and families to access a catalogue of private tours with really exceptional walks. You will feel joy and amazement when you walk in the streets of Paris.

Marie wants to share her passion for Paris and gain your confidence. You can go shopping if you like along the way like real Parisians. If you are tired, have a little coffee, a tea, taste a pastry, the only thing Marie Knows Paris imposes on you is the path. If you have a dog, Marie will keep your pet when you will visit a museum, if you have children , Marie will handle them in the shops or in the museum.

Let yourself be guided to better admire this city. You will do it at your own pace without rushing. Marie Knows Paris promises you quiet moments but no wasted time. The service is and remains private for your pleasure.

Optionally, I also propose the “Pickup-package” for the sum of 120 €.

Schedule your Pickup-package

If you want your independence and no stress, I give you some tips to live at Paris in all serenity. The pickup-package is having the security of having a contact for any problem that may arise in France, personalized advices to better appreciate Paris according to your expectations. This service, these tips will be obviously done well before and during your arrival. I will explain how to save money with your family in Paris, according to your requests. I will explain and show you how to take the metro in Paris for example and other practical services to know to appreciate this city and our culture.
I will meet you at the airport and guide you to your destination hotel or rental, using the iconic Paris Metro system. I will help you to buy your train tickets if you do not want to take a taxi from the airport.
If you prefer a personal driver at the airport, I can arrange for you, but you will get extra charge just for this private service.

How it works ?

Marie Knows Paris proposes six tailor-made walks of very typical places in Paris which are all different, reflecting the atmosphere of authentic Paris.

  1. You can choose one or more tours and book them on the payment platform, if my schedule don’t suit you, don’t hesitate to  inform me about your availability (days and months) by my email address  marienoellejomat[at]gmail.com. I will release a time slot for you.
  2. If you have  accepted my proposal, send me  the form with your contact details ( See the “contact” section at the top of the page).
  3. I will contact you before our appointment for a confirmation. I will pick you up at your hotel. (transportation cost is your responsability)

My prices will be based on a sliding scale depending on number of persons.  For more détails have a look on the pricing list. Of course, if you have any queries I will answer you by email.

Let’s create together a climate of simplicity and confidence.

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