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Sentier Sentier
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“Le Sentier”, I will take you from the Saint Martin Gate, to the 2nd, 9th  arrondissements.

I will take you from the Saint Martin Gate, to the 2nd, 9th arrondissements. You will discover the “working Paris” , a ready-to-wear industry and the “silicon valley” of start ups, you will discover court yards of buildings. I will also take you to 8 covered passages of Paris, Passage du Caire, Panorama, Verdeau and otherone. It is the more working-class Paris with different foreign communities, in 2 streets you step into a different atmosphere. I also promise you nice shops and restaurants.

Only from Monday until Friday (Businesses are closed on weekends, and it’s better to see a few streets with their activities)
From January 2nd to December 22th

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If my discovery tours don’t suit you:
I am available if you have a special request in Paris. I will plan a special program for you and suggest it to you. Don’t hesitate to contact me marienoellejomat[at]
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